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For speaking and training inquiries, email Info@ShamelessSurvivors.com

As a survivor of intimate violence culminating in an attempted murder-suicide, I bring a unique vision of what it takes to migrate instant unanticipated change and offer a glimpse into the who, what, and how of intimate partner violence.

Medical professionals will learn how to screen, recognize and effectively approach patients about intimate partner violence including how to handle disclosure.
Legal professionals will understand and mitigate risk to family law clients.
Corporations will benefit from the development of effective corporate domestic violence workplace policies.

Past Engagements Include:
US Navy
TSA/Transportation Safety Administration
VCU Medical Center
Ware-Dunn Advances in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Henrico County Police Department
Richmond City Police Department
Mary Washington University
Washington & Lee University
Christopher Newport University
Virginia Union University
Coalition of 100 Black Women

NBC – https://www.nbcnews.com/video/journey-of-a-bullet-stories-of-gunshot-survivors-965714499557
BBC Outlook
Time – Gun Violence, Woman Shot By Husband Calls For Gun Control
National Domestic Violence Hotline – Breaking Free From PTSD
Vogue – Domestic Abuse Essay, Gun Safety, National Gun Violence Awareness Day
The Lily – Survivors of Domestic and Gun Violence Like Me Are Fighting To Save Lives
Huffington Post – Why Didn’t You Just Leave?
The Washington Post – Small Change In Virginia’s Gun Laws Makes A Big Difference for
Domestic Violence Victims
Virginia Pilot – Failing Women and Families In Virginia

2017 National Association of Social Workers VA Citizen of the Year Award
2015 Cole Sydnor Trauma Survivors Giving Back Award/VCU Medical Center,
2014 Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance Action Honor Hope Award,
2012 VCU Medical Center Injury and Violence Prevention Program Project Empower Award.

Legislative Initiatives for Intimate Partner Homicide Reduction
Testimony – United States House Of Representatives Steering & Policy Committee Hearing: “Domestic Violence & Guns: An Epidemic for Women & Families” June 2015
Testimony – Virginia General Assembly, various homicide reduction bills 2014/2015/2016/2017
Speaker – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Bill Signing of historic landmark legislation prohibiting possession of firearms for respondents of Permanent Protective Orders and Class 6 Felony for failure to comply

10 Responses to Speaking Contact

  1. Hello,

    I really appreciate your blog, and how transparent your writing is. I also am a former abuse victim, now thriving. I invite you to check out my website, where you can link to me on Facebook and twitter as well. I have written a book to benefit abused women entitled “A Journey through Emotional Abuse: from Bondage to Freedom.” It focuses on the struggles Christian abuse victims face.

    I am planning a blog tour of my book in the near future, and wonder if you would be willing to host one of the days of the tour. To do this, I would send you a free copy of my book, and ask you to read it. If you like it, you could do a review of it on your blog on the day my tour “visits” your site. I would highlight your blog on my social media sites and my blog that same day. I would offer a prize drawing for those who visit the tour.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in discussing this with me. You can contact me via my email address.

    Thank you so much for considering this, and God bless you,

    Caroline Abbott

  2. Tammy Cook says:

    I have nominated your blog with the Shauny Award For Blogging Excellence! Thank you so much for all that you do to help others rise beyond abuse!

  3. Kristy Burrus says:

    Seeing your interview on television last night was an eye opening experience. I am an abuse survivor getting out last month after enduring 11 years of emotional and physical abuse. When the abuse escalated August 24, 2010, I wrote and published my first book. Did not follow the message and went back into the same old violence. Wrote my second book in 2011 – same old story. Until now, I relocated to Virginia from Ohio with my abuser to prove my commitment – left my job, my home, my security, my finances, my everything only to be isolated and abused worse. I filed for a PPO 5 times he violated since July 2013. He spent time in jail in 2014 for the numerous violation only to associate with me the entire time. I picked him up from jail (violating my own order) only to get beat again in April. Now totally on my own, struggling with the loss of everything to include self, I started my womens support group in the complex that I live in in Chester Va. I would honor the opportunity to get involved with other groups where I can escort others to the place where I find myself in. I truly believe all my loses and my abuse is not for not. I was designed to help others through this mess and I believe when I placed my thumb print on Virginia as my new home, it was purposed.

    I welcome further discussions with you and your group.

    • dvvictor says:

      Without consistent support and the opportunity to reframe experiences with the abuser it is common for survivors to believe ‘this time’ will be different. Change requires tremendous work and when only one person sees change is necessary the way is paved back into the same situation. Survivors supporting survivors within a group setting encouraging personal empowerment and taking responsibility for taking care of ourselves can be very helpful in getting and staying out, but the trauma experienced in abusive relationships warrants individual therapy to really get and stay emotionally healthy.

      • Kristy Burrus says:

        Thank you for your reply. And your’e right, therapy is key and I have used James House for that service here in Virginia. I now am energized to have more of the group survivor to survivor setting and do not have a since of direction being that I am new to Virginia. Can you assist me in this area? I have also reached out to the YWCA Ms Busby for this as well. If she is the person, I left her a voice mail so I am confident she will reach out to me soon.

  4. Hi Lisette,

    I have another type of blog tour to invite you to! This one is to highlight writers. It is put on by a publishing company, I C Publishers, (www.icpublishing.ca). I will be blogging on July 23rd about my writing process. Then, I would invite you to blog the following week. I would “pass the pen” to you in my blog by doing a brief bio of you, listing your twitter, and website information. The following week, you would say I had invited you, (give a brief bio of me), describe your writing process, then, pass the pen to 1 to 3 other bloggers for the following week. Is this something you would be interested in doing? Please email me and let me know. If so, I will give you more information. Thanks, and thanks for all you do for the blogging community! Caroline

  5. Irma Lopez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just read and listened to it on the Huffington Post. I am currently going through a divorce and my marriage was pretty much the same. There was some physical abuse at the beginning but it stopped. However, I always say I got to the point that I wish he would hit me rather than emotionally abuse me as bruises fade, the internal hurt never does. When trying to explain to others, it sounds crazy and it is hard to prove. He uses the same threats with me – I am a horrible mother so he will take the children away, I am fat and ugly so I will never find anyone else, etc. Your story gives me so much hope. Thank you for your bravery and I am praying for you and your children.

  6. A survivor says:

    I can’t remember if I’ve already sent you a message, but if not, I’ve wanted to since I left my husband last October. My therapist told me about your blog, and it has inspired me. You’ve overcome so much with dignity and courage, even though I know you don’t always feel strong. My situation wasn’t as bad as yours. He only put his hands on me a few times; the abuse was primarily psychological and verbal. My heart breaks for your son – mine is 12, and sometimes he tells me he doesn’t have feelings anymore. Sadly I have been forced to share custody 50/50 with their father, even after the involvement of a guardian ad litem. He does love them, but loves himself more, and continues to damage them in small but lasting ways. It’s difficult not to let myself be consumed by hatred for my ex.
    God bless you, and I will pray for you and your kids as you continue to recover from the horribly selfish actions of one weak person.

    • Lisette Johnson says:

      We are on brave journeys when we make the decision to reclaim our lives. I encourage all to honor their stories, children too. The effects of verbal and psychological battering run deep and create invisible scars that we don’t always understand take much longer to heal than physical altercations. To be repeatedly exposed through shared custody makes the healing that much more difficult. Barry Goldstein offers solid perspective on custody issues. Stay brave. Stay courageous. Keep on the path.

  7. suzanne says:

    When I first read an article about Lisette Johnson’s story, I recognized some behavior that I had experienced from my estranged spouse. My story is different, yet my life and the family and dynamics have been agonizingly violated and destroyed. He has not only gotten away with unspeakable fraud and the heightened abuse that he threatened he knew he would do; but he received knowing, eager, and aggressive promotion by others to do so, via “legal abuse”. I believe that had Lisette’s husband not died of self-inflicted wounds, and had he retained the attorney and big name law firm my estranged spouse did, and had he had the same judges, it is all too likely that these misogynous showmen would have had Lisette in prison while her murderous husband was at home brainwashing the kids.

    It seems there are many [covertly misogynist] men who will for appearances help abused women, only if there is no way to invert the truth to get the “male” off and prosecute and/or punish the female.In my case, I was put back into the sadistic control of a self-professed chronic abuser and pathological liar who had coldly told me he was willing to do whatever it took to get rid of me [and other devastating stuff throughout years of exhausting cycles] as he tried to drive me insane, to leave or to my grave.

    [He is a fearless”controlled” cold strategic abuser who told me he felt nothing for anyone. I have repeatedly witnessed him be stimulated by causing me to suffer, to the point of he was unable to hide the pleasure or to keep from grinning or sadistically laughing and ridiculing me. I believe there are a LOT of sadistic misogynous malicious people in positions of power; and greedy attorneys and law firms [and others who make their living off the legal “cartel” apparently don’t worry about knowing their client is fabricating and they promote his vindictiveness and rage and lead him to commit fraud and destroy lives and families. I have been terrorized for trying to tell the truth.

    My friend told me of a friend of hers whose ex bludgeoned her mother and then beheaded her EIGHT years after the divorce. Two of my three sets of attorneys told me “they were sorry” to have to tell me there was nothing to keep him from engaging in legal abuse the rest of my life. Funny, I don’t think that apology was sincere. My estranged spouse TOLD me he knew he would never stop. That I needed to protect myself. I have been unable to. He has all the control and incredibly, all the support [and connections].

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