The Night Before….


Surely this must be a dream from which I will awake, and feel the warm reassuring breath of the man I love next to me.  I will watch as the moonlight illuminates his chest moving quietly up and down, and reflect on the sweetness of his kiss, the heat of his skin on my finger tips.  Solid, unwavering, steadfast.

Surely this dream cannot be the life I have known, have accepted, have lived years suspended between passion and pain, holding on to only fleeting moments as proof love exists; a life lived as someone else while emotion lay buried beneath layers of secrecy, protected from the harshness and uncertainty of a barren landscape.  Surely I am not she who hides in the dream… frightened, frozen, tentative; watching, waiting.  I do not want to know her pleading, resignation, hopelessness.

Surely whatever darkness I dream is far away and cannot hurt me.  I will awake to hear the crickets in the cool fall air and be comforted by familiar surroundings.  He will stir and draw me close, gathering me securely in his arms.  We will slumber, entwined, peacefully.

Surely the morning light would reveal what is true and good.

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  1. Yes, we can be very hopeful that everything will be the way we wish and hope it could be… The truth is hard to face. But in accepting the truth comes freedom!

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